WIP: Afternoon Tea Shawl

Slowly getting bigger!

Most of the items on my to-do list yesterday got pushed aside. I didn’t bother cleaning house (which for once isn’t in much of a terrible state) or work or anything else. Other than a brief hour to hour and a half when my brothers stopped by to hang out and bug me, I spent the entire evening knitting. It was glorious.

I love the Afternoon Tea Shawl pattern by Helen Stewart. It’s been so straightforward and easy to follow. Best of all? No purling, at least so far. I should explain, it’s not that I don’t like purling. I just don’t like switching back and forth. Ribbing annoys me, but it usually doesn’t last terribly long. I either want to do all purling or all knitting. This pattern, in the lattice section, is straight-up knitting. Every couple of rows, you do a K2Tog or YO, but other than that, all knitting.

I’m on row 58 of the lattice portion. You can see the pattern here on Knitty. I’ve got about 50-ish rows left of this section, which is going fairly quickly (ooh that sounds familiar; circle shawl anyone?) and then I’m into the branches lace section. I’m really excited. This project has been fairly simple to do, and it looks great, especially in this red colour.

I have plans to knit this evening, but I’ll have to accomplish some off of my to-do list before I get too into it. Tomorrow, though, I don’t know if I’ll get any done. Why, you may ask. Tomorrow is June 1st! Yes, it’s that day every June camper for Camp NaNoWriMo has been anticipating. It’s the very first day of camp. I’ve got my stuff packed up and ready to go. Well, sort of. I’ve gathered all the tools I’ll need, and I’ll share those with you in tomorrow’s post.

Anyone else participating?

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