WIP: Hemlock Shawl 2

From grey-purple to yellow!

It’s coming along very slowly, this shawl. You’d think that after having just made one, I’d have realised just how much time this pattern takes. I’m nearing row 30 of 70-ish, so I’m not even quite halfway through.

It’s almost odd working with a different material this time around. Of course, I started this one well before I started Mom’s. Hers, as you know, is Comfy cotton yarn from Knit Picks. This yellow shawl is made of Malabrigo in the colour Pollen. The main difference I’ve noticed is the Malabrigo feels thicker, and it probably is. My favourite difference, though, is that I’m not covered in fluff when I work on the shawl. The cotton shedded so much. The wool also feels cosier and the pattern looks fuller.

I didn’t work on this project a whole lot last night. I’ve been thinking, now that gift knitting is over for a little bit, I might start up the knitting calendar again. I need a little variety in my knit-life, especially after having finished such a big (at least for me) project. I think jumping in and trying to do the big project right away might be a bit too much.

There are plenty of WIPs for me to choose from, but none of them are really appealing to me right now. I could try making another Android, and hopefully get it right this time. I’ve thought about baby stuff, maybe some more toys. Those are always fun, even if mine always turn out a little wonky. I’ve even about washcloths to use up all that Sugar ‘n Cream cotton and scrubby yarn.

This is where I remind myself that Christmas is only 7 months away and I have 5-7 stockings to knit. This might be just the time to start working on those. After all, even though I already have a base pattern to work with, I’ll need to design the colorwork, choose the yarn, knit swatches, and then knit the stockings. The first two I did last year were both off the same pattern, so it didn’t take too long to work them up. These, I anticipate, will take a bit longer.

Christmas in May?