WIP: Android Toy

The little guy is coming together

He’s going to need a name, I think. The cuter he gets, the more I think my Android actually needs to be named. I don’t know what yet.

The Android pattern has been so fun and so easy to work with. It’s kind of nice to be making a smaller toy, though I could see how much fun this might be if blown up a bit to make a larger Android. Anyway, the directions have been really straightforward, and the only excuse I have for not having more done is I only worked on it for a couple hours last night (and I’m a relatively slow knitter).

So far, as you can see in the picture, we have 2 arms, 2 feet, and 2 antennae. I am also getting close to halfway done with the body, though I think I might pause and quickly embroider on some eyes. I can’t tell in the pattern’s picture if they’re French knots or actually some kind of safety eye. I’m thinking I’ll do French knots perhaps. Not sure yet. I am loving this little guy, though.

The Chadwick 2.0 was an absolute hit! I snuck into my coworker’s office before she got in and positioned him on her spare chair. When she came in, I was getting my work area organised, and I just froze once she opened her door. She didn’t even notice him at first! Then, she thought he might’ve fallen out of the Employee Awards Day basket. Then, of course, she realised what was up. I had made it for her granddaughter specifically. She was thrilled, showed him off around the office, and sent a picture to her daughter.

This is the part of giving that I like the most. If there had been a way for her to not know I had done it, it would’ve made it even better. I’m selfish, see. I don’t need the credit. I just really enjoy seeing people excited and happy.

And then there’s times, like the Android, when I’m very selfish and knit just for me. It’s both because I want to knit; my hands are twitching to get knitting, and I really want an Android. He’s just too cute.

I’m not sure how much knitting I’ll get done this evening. I’ve got a couple hours after I leave work and before the husband picks my friend and me up to head out for the show. I’ll have some time during the drive down, so I may bring my little Android along for that. (See? He really needs a name.)

One thought on “WIP: Android Toy

  1. AWWWWw soooo cute!!! For the eyes, I used safety eyes and for the pink one, I ran out of eyes so I just made a regular knot 😀 I’m so excited and can’t wait to see the finished Android! I hope you come up with an awesome name! 😀 😀 Btw, the green yarn is lovely!!!

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