NFO: My nearly finished object

What? No yarn?

What’s this? Empty needles? That can only mean one thing!

I stayed up way too late last night trying to finish this shawl. I know I’m going to find a couple of places where I’ll say, “What was I doing?” I was up well past the confusion stage. You know, when, despite the fact that you just did the stitch right, it looks absolutely wrong and you should just throw away the whole project because it’s ruined now. I hit that and then did another 100+ stitches.

Chilling on the sofa, not quite finished

It’s crazy to see this project off the needles. This is my Everest, the most stitches I’ve done on any project (so far). While I was knitting it, the whole thing looked like  a tangle with no rhyme or reason to anything. Now that I can spread it out a bit, I see the patterns I worked. It’s almost pretty.

I call it my NFO, or nearly finished object (I know, I’m not the first to use that term), because we’re not done yet. I have many ends to weave in, and then I have to block the whole thing. I don’t have enough pins, so I’ll probably have to hitch a ride to a craft store today. Or, I could find alternative ways to block this. I’m still working out the plan.

This means I may actually have this ready as a Mother’s Day present for my mummy! I was so hoping I would, and now I’m so close. It’s all up to how long it takes to dry. I’m so excited! I know she’s seen me working on it and has known all along what it was, but like I said, it’s different on the other end.

One thought on “NFO: My nearly finished object

  1. Congratulations!!! I know this was a big one and it took a lot out of you, so it’s awesome to have it done. I don’t know if you’ve ever blocked lace before, but it’s kind of like magic. It just makes everything 10 times better. I’m not sure exactly what shape this is (if it’s a circle which it looks like it might be then completely ignore me) but I really love my blocking wires. I’m sure you’re mom will love it. It’s so funny, because I have a lace shawl that I’ve been finished with for a million years and have to block for mother’s day also. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see the FO.

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