WIP: The Shawl

I decided against a picture for this post. After all, you’ve seen the shawl in progress, and if it grew any last night, it was only an inch. That’s hardly a noticeable increase. I did, though, start progress back up on the shawl last night.

This might sound odd, but I think the new couch works. See, before, we had a rock-hard futon from Target and an old pink, wingback chair from my parents. I love the chair, have since I was a little kid jumping and climbing all over it. If I wanted to knit with my feet up, I had to knit in bed. That never worked because I was instantly so sleepy I’d give up and crawl into the bed.

Now we have this wonderful L-shaped sofa. I can kick back in any angle I want in that corner and be completely comfortable. So, knitting last night wasn’t as much of a comfort challenge as it had been in the past. Still, I didn’t get much done. I got to the next increase round, which is about 5 rows. I have 4 or 5 more increase rounds coming up before the chart is complete.

I’ve devised a plan! (For me, that means I’ve made a plan that will prove to be too difficult to stick to, but at least there’s a plan!) I’m going to knit to an increase each day for the next 4 to 5 days. Then on the 6th day, I’ll start the edging, which I’ve read takes forever.

Then, with a bit of luck and a lot of T-pins, I’ll be done! Yay!

I received a fun text yesterday during work. One of my close friends suggested we have a crafternoon! That may not sound like a whole lot, but my friends and I are kind of spread out. We don’t see each other very often, and I haven’t seen any of them since I think fall of last year. This will be a chance not only to catch up but craft it up.

We have a ton of fun making crafts, which sounds silly. It all started when we worked at a movie theatre together. I can’t remember which craft came first, but I do remember painting little wooden figurines in the back hallway at work and painting on canvas. We’ve tried to crochet (I’m a bad teacher; I was better at crocheting once a few years ago, but never good at teaching), made amazing Harry Potter wands out of paper, and baked cupcakes. The latter may not sound like a craft, but this was my first cooked frosting, and we decided to make margarita flavoured cupcakes. Yum!

The pressure’s on. I need to figure out what craft we should do, what supplies we’ll need, and everything. I’m assuming it’ll be at our house since it’s got plenty of room. I’m thinking t-shirt related crafts. T-shirt scarfs are such easy projects. The hard part is just the time-consuming cutting (rotary wheel if you attempt it; don’t use scissors!). I’ve also seen a ruffle necklace on Pinterest that is calling my name.

After picking a craft, I’ll need to test the instructions. T-shirt scarf, no problem. I’ve got that memorised. Anything else, though, and I’ll need some practice. I’ve got until June-ish to figure things out, so I’ve got time. This should be fun!


3 thoughts on “WIP: The Shawl

  1. Dare I suggest…. tie-dye? 🙂

    And I’m such crap at using a rotary wheel to cut anything. Even with a steel ruler, I veer off. I’m calling it “being a free spirit” rather than “spastic.”

    • Tie-dye’s always a fun choice!

      I’m bad with rotary wheels too. The beauty of the project is you don’t need to be exact. Once the loops are cut, you stretch them out, which makes them curl around and look more like spaghetti. Unevenness is hidden. 😀

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