Sugar ‘n Cream Scrubby

The pink is a bit lighter than this. Photographing in the evening seems to have changed the way the colour shows up.

Last night I decided a good small project between Chadwick and the shawl would be to knit up a swatch with the Sugar ‘n Cream Scrubby yarn. I’ve been kind of envisioning a cotton and scrubby washcloth that could be given as part of a baby present, so I figured now was as good a time as any to try this stuff out. I’ll note, real quickly before I start writing too much, that I am in no way affiliated with the Bernat brand. I bought the yarn for $3.99 (and tax) at Michaels.

I made two swatches. One was knit garter stitch. I cast on about 16 stitches and then worked it garter stitch for 20-odd rows until I roughly had a square shape. The other, well, that was an attempt at crochet. It was meant to be square, but I think I invented a whole new shape! Quite creative of me, really. Okay, maybe not so much.

There are reasons I like the Sugar ‘n Cream Scrubby yarn and reasons I don’t. There’s not much give to the scrubby yarn, which I’m on the fence about. With cotton, as I found while making Chadwick, there’s just the slightest bit of boing, for lack of a better word. It stretches out, no doubt about that. I mean, look at my poor socks. Still, there’s just enough for it to hold it’s shape.

With the scrubby, there’s no boing and there’s no stretch. I felt like I was fighting with the yarn when trying to knit in the round. I just couldn’t get it to behave the way I wanted it to. That would be why both swatches in the top picture are squares.

That’s really about it for negative. I haven’t tried washing them yet, but I thought I might try that this evening with regular laundry. Technically, it should hold up, but we’ll see how reality does on it. If it bounces back well without too much fuss, then this would make an okay baby present. If it’s not machine washable and dry-able, it’s just not practical.

Another negative is, at least at our local store, there’s not much for colour selection. I like pink, don’t get me wrong, but what if it’s a boy? What if the parents are trying to de-genderize colour for their little one? Or better yet, what if I want some? There were the usual colours like yellow, green, and this pink, but not a whole lot of variation. I tried looking on the website, but I couldn’t find anything on this yarn. Am I looking in the wrong place?

On to the positive. Knitting-wise, it’s not so bad to work with. I even found I was able to handle it crochet-wise, as long as you ignore how uneven and wonky the swatch looks. I couldn’t help sharing a picture, though. I find my crochet attempts to be endlessly hilarious. One day I will get the hang of it. One day!

The crocheted version is rougher than the knitted version, so it seems you can adjust just how much scrub you want. My knitted one seems like just enough to exfoliate without irritating a baby’s skin. Of course, there’s no babies to test it on (poor dears if I’m wrong!), but that’s my best guess. The crochet was quite a bit rougher, but I’d still use it on my face.

I think the scrubby would be an excellent tool for learning how to crochet. I’m bad at it. I’ll be the first to admit it. I can’t really crochet yet, but because there’s not much give to the yarn, I was able to clearly see where to put the hook, though not on the edges just yet as I don’t really know what I’m doing. Plus, swatches are a great way to try anything. Scrubby washcloth/swatches would be a fun way to learn and still make something productive.

My next step will be to try a swatch with both the cotton and the scrubby to see how it holds up. I’ll toss it in the washer and dryer, and we’ll see how it turns out. I’m curious if my idea will work. If it does, then I just have to come up with a design, even if it’s as basic as garter stitch.

Would I buy this yarn again? Possibly. That’s the best answer I can give.

It was $3.99 for 68 yards. That’s really not much yarn at all, but washcloths also don’t take much yarn. After those two swatches, I still have well over half (if not 3/4) left in the skein. It’s soft-ish when knit, but I’m sure you can get it to be rougher if you want. The colours are okay, but there’s not much variety. I think if I was to buy this yarn again, I’d have to do it with a distinct project in mind. I don’t think I’ll be buying it again just to have in the stash, though. I’m not sure I like it that much.

Have you tried the Sugar ‘n Cream Scrubby yarn? What did you make? What do you think of the yarn after working with it?

14 thoughts on “Sugar ‘n Cream Scrubby

  1. Absolutely love scrubby if you can find it. Michael’s sometimes has it but most times not. If you use it for both colors in your wash clothes there is ALOT of stretch to it. Does any place else have it and can it be ordered online anywhere ?!

    • Not that I’ve found yet, but I’ll keep looking. If you find another place, let me know. I’m slowly but surely starting to love scrubby. 😀

      • When I was at Michael’s in Fort Wayne yest the selection was slim actually they had it on clearence!! I asked if they were getting more in she said she wasn’t sure but you could order it thru them, to go to the frame making counter an they would order. Haven’t done so yet as I would like to find it in a store. Our local Walmart said they had it so I ran over there only to find there was none, the girl said oh there was 1 left when u called and it was brown. Which I don’t need. You would of thought she could of td me on the phone. I do know they chg the brand back and forth between peach & cream to sugar & cr. I keep looking. Happy hunting 😉 I’ll let u know.

      • I am using the scrubby yarn to make Tawashi’s ( spiral wash sponges ). Very cute when using 2 colors and the scrubby is more absorbent.
        Where oh where could scrubby’s be ??

      • It is now 1yr later since talking to you about scrubby yarn. Still haven’t found it. But I bought all or most of what Micheals had so fortunately I still have a little left.
        Still looking

  2. I too am looking for Scrubby. Checked 4 local stores in Chicago SW suburbs and was informed that they are discontinuing the yarn. No reason why. Previously had e mail conversation with Lily cutomer service. Was informed yarn was new and exclusive to Michael’s. I have sent the representative an e mail asking what is going on with the line. BTW, there is a lovely book out with patterns for Scrubby just can’t put my hands on it right now. There is a beautiful pattern for a washcloth that looks like a violet and one of a rose. Would love to find more colors.

  3. I’ve never seen this stuff! I found that when I used regular yarn to make wash cloths that it became very loose and almost too soft. Perhaps this would work better.

    • What is so aggravating is they out this yarn out. You find so many uses for it in patterns because it DOES help hold the shape, it has that just right amount of texture , then they take it from you 😦 but still looking. Will let u know

  4. where can i find “Tawashi’s ( spiral wash sponges ). Very cute when using 2 colors and the scrubby is more absorbent”.

    • I have the Tawashi pattern if u still need it. Love the scubby sugar & cream but can’t find it anymore ! 😦 where do you get it?
      Scubby works best in scubby. And I have used it in many projects that I want to hold shape.
      Or I would make them for you and send if you would like

    • Linda,
      If you want me to make you some Tawashi’s
      Send me an email to I would be happy to. I made some for several babies an the worked great. I used super soft yarn an just enough scrubby to help it hold Its shape. I still have some scrubby yarn left. When micheals had it on clearance I bought most of what they had. And I already have a huge amt of multi colored sugar & cream plus the soft baby yarn

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