WIP: The Bug

The Bug

I may have mentioned this before, but poor sweet Chadwick has become known as the Bug around here. I forgot how tiring simple knit stitch can be around and around and around. The pattern’s great! It’s super easy to follow and except for where I’ve clearly made mistakes, I like how he’s turning out. I’m just tired of basic knit stitch.

I did make some real progress on him yesterday. I finished the tangerine bump, did an aqua bump, and I think I’m on the head now. I’m not sure. The lilac looks a bit darker than it did wound up, and I’m afraid the eyes won’t show up properly. I might pop by Michaels and see what other colours they have that I could use instead. It’ll make him a  lot longer, but I might be happier with it, too. He’s also due by Monday, so I may not have time to fuss with it.

World Book Night (afternoon, in our case) went spectacularly on campus! I wasn’t able to participate, but my team did a great job. They ran out of Hunger Games books in 9 minutes. That’s how excited people were! How amazing is that? I hope we get to participate again next year.

I’ve been contemplating knitting up some small rounds with the Scrubby yarn after the Bug is complete. I think something small that I can do in just a few minutes might really be worth it. I might also make a few hexipuffs, as they’re really quick knits as well.

Then, it’s back to the shawl. I’m really almost done. I’ve just got a ton of stitches to work with each round now. Well, ok, not a ton. But you start out with 8 stitches, thinking wow this is really going quickly. Once you’re past 200, it’s not so quickly. At least, for me it’s not. I may also have to order some more Knit Picks yarn to do the edging. I’m not entirely certain what I have will make it.

Oh, and totally not knitting related, but I made this last night, and I love it so much:

New Necklace


To be honest, when it comes to jewellery making, I feel like I more just assembled rather than made. It’s not like knitting, where I start with yarn and have to do a lot of manipulating of the yearn to create something. I had all the pieces for this necklace, I just assembled them together. Still, I love it and plan to wear it today.

3 thoughts on “WIP: The Bug

  1. Love Chadwick — he’s just adorable! Love the fact that he looks like the perfect way to use those little extra yarn balls I have stashed around after a project.

    I really enjoy following your blog, so I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award!

    • He really is! I’m using the Sugar n Cream cotton yarn, and it seems like I barely make a dent in the skeins. I’ve thought about making another one later with other scraps.

      And thank you! That’s so sweet of you!

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