Catching up on WIPs

My husband and I had a completely lazy weekend. After the week I had, I needed it. We stayed up late watching reruns of Eureka and slept in late in the mornings. I feel completely relaxed, even with the drive to Austin I’m about to make. It was amazing.

I did manage to catch up on one of my WIPs as well! I was quite pleased with myself. I dragged the bug (aka Chadwick) out and knitted a few rows. I’ve got to get a move on with him. He’s due next week, and I’d like to have the knitting finished this week and just do some last minute details. I’m still not quite happy with a few of his bumps, but I’ve decided it’s just his character. He’s not perfect, but he’s soft and squishy.

My mom’s shawl is languishing a bit. Once Chadwick is done, I’ll get back to work on that, as Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I’ve gotten over my disdain for the materials, and I think I can handle it again. I think the issue was that when I started, the project seemed to go by really fast. I mean, I started at 8 stitches. Once you get to a couple hundred, things slow down. It’s to be expected, really, but I still struggled with it.

No smaller projects to report. I thought about knitting up the Scrubby into some small circles to try for facial pads, but I didn’t get around to it. That may be another thing to do after Chadwick. He’s a good bug, really. He just takes a bit of time. I’m hoping I can knock out another bump this evening, which leaves just the head and arms.

I did spin just a little bit, but I’m having a little bit of difficulty. Where the unknown blue wool held together pretty well while I spun, this lovely heavenly soft stuff slips apart on me. I’m having trouble keeping it from all falling apart because of gravity as I start to spin. I figure this isn’t a problem I’d have with a wheel, which is another reason to start saving up. I’m still hunting around for deals as I don’t really want to spend too terribly much.

There’s not much else to report. You’ll notice there’s no picture to go with today’s post. My picture-device is temporarily out of commission, but it should be right as rain tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing: Tonight is World Book Night! I won’t get to participate, but I did organise a distribution, which I’m so excited about. A crew from TSTC Publishing will be on the TSTC Waco Campus (probably the student centre) at about 1:30 PM to hand out The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. World Book Night is a project I’m very passionate about, and I was so excited to sign up and participate this year. Basically, we hand out books for free to help encourage reading for fun. I can’t imagine a better project. I’m a little bummed I won’t be in town to help hand out, but I have a great team who will be there. If you’re in the area, come check it out!