Wall Decor: Embroidery Hoops

I’m still working on that blank wall. It’s somewhat less blank now. We have a Robbie Jr. Cardboard Rhino Trophy from Cardboard Safari on Etsy. He’s my favourite part of the wall right now, and he’s been up the longest. Then there are five empty frames. I don’t know. I just don’t think I want a whole wall of blank frames. I think it’s time to start filling in the spaces with framed embroidery.

I’ve been hunting all over Etsy for some inspiration and for things that are just too wonderful that I have to buy them now. I can do basic embroidery; so, I can handle simple stuff. In honour of my husband and me getting married, I made the one monogram allowed at our wedding (others were strictly forbidden), which was set in a I-heart-mom kind of tattoo on some random fabric. All very basic stitches.

For something more complex, though, I’d rather buy it and have it well made. Here are some of the embroidery wall decorations that have really struck my fancy.

TurquoiseAlligator’s Chevron Embroidery Hoop

Chevron Embroidery Hoop

ButterflyAlley’s Mini Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

Mini Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Hot Pink Neon Green

Bluebellsandbunting’s Moustache Wall Picture

Moustache Picture, Mustache Wall Art, Moustache Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging 4x4

MontclairMade’s Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane- Three Inch Embroidery Hoop Wall Art- Machine Stitched and Hand Embroidered

CatShyCrafts’s Felt Cloud

Embroidery Hoop Art. Felt cloud. Rain Shower. Blue Drizzle. Wall Art by Catshy Crafts

Looploft’s Mustache Embroidery Hoop Art

mustache embroidery hoop art. handmade by lisa of looploft

Jenniferallevato’s Bunting Hoop Art

Bunting Hoop Art Embroidery Wall Art


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  1. These are awesome! I especially like the rain cloud one, and the last one. There’s this thrift shop in town here where I see embroidery hoops kind of often. Maybe I should try this out sometime!

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