WIP: Top Secret Chadwick

I love the tangerine colour!

Well I did it. I made progress. It would seem smoothing out some of the chaotic parts of my life has helped me refocus my energies a bit more. I’ve been completely stressing out over a lot of small things and a couple of really big things. I developed a system that’ll work at work yesterday, managed to pull together ingredients to make chicken broth in the slow-cooker, and even cleaned the house (a little). After that, I knitted. Something must’ve clicked back!

Okay, that’s a lot of domesticating for me. I did laundry as well, on top of all that! I think my jumping from project to project has probably been an outward reflection of my inner chaos and unruliness. That sounds a bit weird, I know. I realised it, though, after having brought some spinning to work.

Spinning, even if I’m not good at it yet, has a sereneness to it. It’s simple, basic. It’s almost become meditative for me, almost sacred. I thought bringing it to work might help me relax on my lunch break. Turns out, the very thought of spinning at work turned me right off. I didn’t need it. The second I had that realisation, the inner chaos stopped and I knew exactly what to do to fix my situation. It’ll take a bit of work and time to get all the kinks out, but I think everyone will be happier in the long run.

Anyway, enough with the rambling! Sometimes I just need to be shushed. Feel free to shush away.

The top secret Chadwick is back under way. He has one more bump, and I’ve started another one! The Sugar n’ Cream has been from my stash, but while at Michaels the other day for other supplies, I found this gorgeous orangey-pink, which lately has replaced yellow as my favourite colour. It’s now going to replace the lilac to give the bug a bit more colour range.

Now, I want you to be honest with me. That second bump is still bugging me (the other bumps are not as lumpy as they look in the picture). This guy is for something very important, and I still have time to finish him and do another for the important project. Should this be a trial run? Should I do another one now that I know how to do it correctly?

Got to run. My domesticating has just hit a wall. I think my slow-cooker is about to blow up.