Charity Knitting

First off, sorry for not posting yesterday. I got to the time I usually post and blanked. I had made no progress on any projects over the weekend, mostly because of the holiday and spending time with family. I will share, though, what I thought a lot about over this weekend: Charity knitting.

I’ve wondered about participating in charity knitting for a while now. I’d love to use my passion (even if I seem to have run aground for a little bit) to help people and give back.

A little while ago, I signed up for a newsletter called Knitting Nuggets from About once a week, I receive a newsletter highlighting a technique, a book, and/or a specific charity that I can use the technique or book to knit for. Every once in a while, one topic will strike my fancy. Then, as is almost always the case with me, I forget about it and forget to look further into it.

I’d have to choose something I love to knit and be willing and able to knit a lot of it. Probably not socks, maybe hats. I do like mittens. Is there a charity for mittens?

Babies have been on my mind a lot lately. I think I’d like to knit for babies. Small hats, mittens, sweaters – I like knitting small things, so knitting for small people should be right up my alley. I’ve also considered knitting for soldiers or for cancer patients. I don’t know. There are so many good causes out there. How does one choose?

I’m curious. Who would you knit for? Would you knit for a specific charity or do it on your own? Do you knit for a charity already?