The Joy of Tiny Knits

Drinking in the morning sun

I think I got turned around on my projects. I was so tired of big knots that I made something very small last night. To be honest, I kind of want to do it again. The pattern I used was Tiny Baby Bunnies by Anna Hrachovec.

I love small things. Anything done on a tiny scales just absolutely astounds me. The detail and the dedication, I don’t know how some people do it. I love my bunny, but it took me a lot longer than I anticipated and I think I may have bent my size 2 dpns a bit. In honour of all things small, I wanted to share with you my favourite video about tiny things.

Coraline: Sweater XXS

Do you remember the movie Coraline, based on a Neil Gaiman book of the same name? I absolutely loved that movie, to the point of the name being added to the maybe baby name list. In this video, you will see how her sweaters were made for the movie. Wait, made? Yes! Those sweaters and gloves and everything are hand knit! It’s amazing.


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Tiny Knits

  1. so with another day off for snow I spent the morning reading through all of your posts. I tend to do that when I find a new blog, just delve into the archives and emerge hours later. I just had to put something here because Coraline is one of my absolute favorites and I too have thought of it as a baby name. or Coralie or Eliza or Sophie. anyhow, pardon my creeping! 🙂

    • I am the same way. I love finding new blogs. I haven’t had as much time as I usually like to just explore, but hopefully this weekend! I like those other names too!

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