The Knitting Slump

Is it just me, or is the colour getting drearier?

I do believe I’ve hit it, that knitting slump. It’s been two days since I’ve done much knitting and a whole week since I spent more than two hours in a row knitting. I don’t like this lull in energy, but what’s a girl to do?

Last night I came home fully expecting to knit the night away. I was really enthusiastic about it and ready to go. Then I sat down with my needles and completed 1 round of the hemlock shawl. That’s it. Only 1. Granted that 1 row has over 300 stitches, but still.

I could blame everything around me. The living room is in the middle of a decoration project, so it’s looking a bit chaotic. Things are work are good but a bit crazy. My mom’s birthday was yesterday. I’m working on how to look and act more like a grown-up to be taken more seriously. I could blame any of that.

The truth of the matter is, though, I think it’s the shawl. I really do. I loved working on it in the merino wool, but I hate working on it in the cotton. I think it’s causing me to stress out because, although I’ve hit past the halfway point, there’s still half of that chart to go, and it ends with over 500 stitches per round. The thought is absolutely exhausting!

And I haven’t really let myself do many other projects in between working on this one. Sure, I spun a couple of days and started to knit that up, but I felt guilty for not working on the shawl.

I do intend to reward myself once this project is done, though. I have that gorgeous alpaca/merino/silk yarn I bought at the Spice Village. I’m thinking a bright, cuddly cowl or a hat. I’m not sure, which. Something small, though. I suppose it has to be since I bought 2 skeins and each is 98 yards. I’m hunting for patterns now, trying to find something slightly challenging to make it fun but easy enough to make it relaxing after all this.

Do you have or have you had any projects like this that you just don’t like working on? Leave me a comment and tell me about it. Or chastise me for being too impatient with a large project. It’s your call.

3 thoughts on “The Knitting Slump

  1. I usually try to stay pretty monogamous to the one knitting project I’m working on because I hate the feeling of having a lot of things unfinished. But lately, I’m wondering about the wisdom of this. I’m working on a hat (yeah, just a hat) that I really really really want, but for whatever reason, I’m a little meh about actually knitting on it. I’m thinking about casting on for some plain old socks just so I can keep the knitting mojo going. What to do?!

  2. I am a very distracted knitter, but right now, I’m knitting a huge project on a super tight timeline, so I’ve only been working on one project and it’s killing me. Thankfully, it will be done soon. I hate working with cotton too, but the shawl so far is beautiful. I hope you get out of your slump 🙂

  3. This piece you are making is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I would love to wear it as a shawl!!! You are amazing! There has not been one project that I didn’t like to work on! Creating is our passion, that’s what we do! 😉 Just take it one day and a time, and remember to think about everything you can do, or have done so far…and not what you haven’t done, or need to do. Your already thinking you do not like working with cotton…think about loving the cotton instead. 😉 The law of attraction is a pretty amazing gift! 😉 Have a wonderful day babe! xo

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