Procrastination at its best

Feather and fanning it up now

I don’t know what it is, if it’s not liking the yarn as much as the Malabrigo or being proven that lace really is ugly at first, but I’m not loving this shawl as much as the yellow one. The cotton is soft and it’s not rope-like; I hesitate to blame the yarn at all, really. There’s just something I’m not loving. Oh, well. I signed on this long, I really can’t quit now.

I don’t know about in your neck of the woods, but around here last night was miserable. Just as I thought I’d crash for the evening, a line of severe thunderstorms hit our area and hasn’t left since. (I’m utterly exhausted this morning with the weather radio having gone off every hour nearly on the hour.) So whatever motivation I might’ve garnered up as I left work yesterday just went out the window with the prospect of these storms. I’m really not a storm person, at least not a severe storm person.

I did, though, pick up my spindle for a little while. For whatever reason, pulling out the spindle the other day to take pictures of the fiber inspired me to try spinning again.

You may not be able to tell with the pic, but this roving really is the perfect TARDIS blue.

As you can see by this picture, I’m dreadful. I have spots of super bulky right next to lace weight next to worsted. Eventually, I slid the old original yarn off and wrapped it around a piece of mail tube. Then, I started again, this time following Kelley Petkun’s directions. It still took a lot of practice, but I’m ever so slightly getting more even yarn. I say more even for a reason. It’s still bumpy and ugly, but there’s no super bulky in sight!

I have a feeling I’ll be sitting down with the spindle and blue again tonight. Once I understood theoretically what to do, the movements became kind of relaxing. It didn’t take much brain work, so I actually was able to rest. I love knitting, but sometimes it’s just way too much, depending on how intense a day I’ve had up until then. Plus, it feels like I’m starting out on a whole adventure, lengthening the creative process by starting closer to the beginning. I kind of like it.

We’ll see if I stick with this or give up. I do have to devote some major time to the shawl soon, but I also don’t have much roving left. I might be able to spin up what I’ve got and then get back to work.

I’d love to hear from spinners or knitters who have at one point spun their own yarn. I don’t really have a knitting or spinning community around here. Any tips for a newbie spinner? Any things you wish you had known but found out the hard way?