My tools of the trade

My knitting bag

For the longest time I moved from bag to bag to carry my knitting. I have so many reusable bags that it’s unreal. Don’t get me started on trying to keep track of my tools as I move from bag to bag or going to lunch, shopping, or a business trip with a bag that has a random business logo on it. Took a while, but I eventually just started throwing my knitting into my purse.

This purse is absolutely perfect as a knitting bag. It’s an Elle purse that’s nearly a year old; I received it as a gift last May. There is one large pocket in the middle, giving me three divisions to stash a knitting project.

My Marimekko purse

My tools I keep in this lovely little Marimekko coin purse that I picked up in Finland a couple of years back. I find it’s the perfect size to stick my foldable scissors, measuring tape, nail file to keep, and a handful of markers. I can’t quite fit my row counter in there, though.

My tools

After learning my lesson with the whole iPhone debacle this weekend, I’m going back to old school to keep track of my knitting projects. I freaked out when I realised I didn’t know where I was in any of my projects. I use a Moleskine notepad that has speech bubble post-its my very dear friend from Switzerland gave me, a pencil or pen (depending on what’s on hand), and a good old-fashioned clicking row counter. When I stop working on a project, I write down the date and then the row. Now watch me lose the notepad.

Keeping track the old-fashioned way

What tools do you keep on hand and how do you travel with your projects? I’m always really curious to see what other knitters and crocheters do.