The Shawl Blues

Not sure if I like it yet.

I finally got to the feather and fan part of the pattern last night, but I don’t know if I’m happy. As the shawl has gotten bigger, so has my concern about it. The colour is beautiful and the yarn is cushy soft. I’m just starting to become less and less happy with the product as it develops on my needles.

First of all, I made a mistake. Not the same mistake I made in my shawl, and at least it was consistent throughout the round. I’m just not sure how this mistake is going to affect the shawl in the long run. Or, maybe it’s my clue that I should unravel the thing and either try again or pick a different pattern.

The big thing that’s getting me is the stitch definition. Compare the photo above to this one:

I like how this one is turning out much better.

This is mine as it’s getting bigger. The stitches fit together very nicely and the whole thing looks softy and cushy. The cotton one, though, looks rigid and awkward, though it’s very soft as well. So, I’m at a crossroads. I may do a few rounds of the feather and fan stitch pattern and see how I feel then. I’d hate to chuck the thing after so many hours of work, but I also don’t want to give mom something that’s not really pretty, even if it is soft.

Scrap or keep going? Any suggestions?

Also, I just have to share this great video podcast I found recently. I usually stick to just the KnitPicks podcast (what can I say? I’m picky). However, while tooling around WordPress a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast, which is also available on iTunes. The Fat Squirrel (or Amy) is hilarious and so energetic, and her knits and fibers are to die for! Some of the wool she spins almost makes me want to give my drop spindle another go. She has 3 videos up so far, each around 30-ish minutes. For me, that works out great for my lunch break knitting time. I love it! Check it out sometime at The Fat Squirrel Speaks blog.

No progress on any other projects. Like I mentioned yesterday, everything’s been pretty much regulated to the “shelf” for now until mom’s shawl is done. I’m down to under 2 weeks now!