Celebrity Knitting

A week or so ago, I spotted a great video on Little Sweet Knittings. It features Amanda Seyfried on Ellen Degeneres’s show. In honor of their first meeting, Amanda knit Ellen a gorgeous hat. It made me smile a bit to see a celebrity who picked the same hobby as me! (Although there’s no way I could knit while exercising. She’s much better than me.) Also, while you’re at it, check out Little Sweet Knittings’ blog.

Last knit I didn’t do much if any knitting. I was utterly exhausted and ended up retiring to bed at about 7pm. I’m hoping to work on my socks to catch up, but I’m also running out of time to work on my mom’s shawl. Only 18 days left!

And, I just found out that not only is it National Crochet Month, it is also National Craft Month! Finally, an excuse to do crazy crafting. Like I’ve ever needed an excuse. What knitting, crafting, or crocheting projects are you working on this month?


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