Busy weekend: On the Needles

Coming along just fine!

I had an extremely productive weekend. That’s not to say I finished any of my WIPs, but I did get a lot of work done on a couple of them. Okay, mostly I got a lot done on my shawl, which I absolutely love.

I am about to start the sixteenth row of the Feather and Fan pattern on the shawl. After the uncertainty and changing patterns every other row at the beginning of this project, the feather and fan is just relaxing. It’s also working up a bit quicker now, as well. Or it did until I came to the end of the first skein. I decided that, rather than winding another ball by hand, I’d wait until the Knit Picks package arrived so I could use the fancy ball winder.

A little messy in the middle yet

Here’s the inside of the project. As I heard on a KnitPicks podcast episode, I’ve marked every repeat with a stitch marker. This way, I can very easily track down mistakes, and boy have there been a few! I kind of wish I had started doing this a bit earlier, but it’ll be something to remember if I decide to go with the pattern for mom’s shawl.

My socks finally have a solution. When I did my first toe-up socks, I did Sport Weight Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel (5/15/07) by Wendy D. Johnson. It’s a very easy pattern to follow, and as I have done a couple of pairs of cuff down socks with a gusset heel, I was pretty comfortable when it came time to do the toe-up heel.

I’m using this pattern on my lacy socks for the heel. I decided it was a fairly safe decision because I’m using the same size needles as I did on my first toe-up socks and I have the exact same number of stitches. I’ll continue the lace pattern on the top of the foot and increase for the gusset every other round until I get to 52 stitches on the bottom, or 26 per needle. I’m still a little concerned about the leg of the sock (as I am by no means a small lady), but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, I think.

8 inches down, 6 to go!

The husband sweater is coming along just fine. I took it with us to see Ghost Rider 2 on Saturday (which was so terrible it started to become a lot of fun). That’s been a new habit I’m working on. Usually when I go to the movies, I get a popcorn, soda, and candy (not good!). When I bring my knitting, though, I don’t like to have salty or sugary fingers, even in the slightest. I just sit, quietly working away at my stockinette stitch. I’m proud to say, too, that I’m getting better at knitting by touch. I only dropped 1 stitch on Saturday, which is 1 more than usual. Luckily, picking up a dropped stitch is really not difficult.

Anyway, the husband sweater is now 8 inches. According to measurements, I have about 6 more inches to go. Of course, I’ll have him try it on when we get to that point to see if he’s happy with the length.

In other news, this really fun thing happened at Hobby Lobby the other day. Now, I don’t normally go to Hobby Lobby. I’m usually a Michaels gal (we knitters have really no other options in my area) because I used to work there. Saturday, out of curiosity, husband and I went over to Hobby Lobby to see what kind of sock yarn they had. As I was browsing, this poor woman was fretting over a knitting for beginners books, trying to find all her supplies. She had called over an associate, but they were really getting nowhere.

Eventually, I suppose having spotted the skeins of yarn in my hands, she asked me if I could help. Sure! I’m always glad to help. She and the associate had been struggling over finding worsted weight yarn. They asked if I knew where to find it. At Hobby Lobby, it’s everywhere! I helped her pick out Caron Simply Soft yarn, which is a pleasant acrylic to work with and isn’t too expensive. She was absolutely thrilled, which made me so excited and happy for her. I kind of wish I could be there to help her get started, but as friends will note, I’m not always the best teacher.

Hexipuffs: 9 of 500

Socks: 5 (and counting!) of 52

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend: On the Needles

  1. Good for you for knitting at the movies! I’m a “dropsy” knitter — I tend to drop the yarn ball I’m working from, even when it’s a center-pull yarn cake. So I’m terrified that I’d drop my yarn in the theater and never be able to pry it up from the spilled soda on the floor!

    • Oh, I hear you! I always worry about that. I keep my ball of yarn in a bag or in my purse at all times. I used to work at a movie theater, and I know just how gross those floors are.

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