WIP: Hemlock Shawl

Shawl in progress

I really thought I was going to make more progress on my shawl last night than I actually did. I started at row 14 and finished last night at only row 30.  I don’t think the pattern was too difficult, though I did have to look up psso (if I read right, it’s the same as skp, so all that fuss for something I already knew).  I was just mentally exhausted. This has been a really long week.

I quit knitting last night at 9, almost on the dot. I tried to work R31, which was a bit more complex than the previous rounds, and messed it all up. I had to concede at that point that I needed to give up. I knew I wasn’t going to find where the mistake had occurred, if it was even just one mistake. I undid the whole row and set my needles down.

I’ve also made no progress on the socks. I had intended to sit down last night and figure out what to do after the heel. I’m not a small girl by any stretch of the imagination, so I know I need to probably add stitches around the leg, especially if I end up wanting these to be knee-high, which I’m considering. There’s got to be an easy trick for this that I just don’t know about.

Luckily, it’s Friday! Tonight I’ll figure out the whole sock issue, hopefully. Then this weekend will be a balance of husband’s sweater and my shawl. I can think of nothing better after this week than endless hours of knitting. It sounds completely relaxing.

Hexipuffs: 9 of 500

Socks: 5 (and counting!) of 52


Afternoon Correction: I completely misread the Hemlock pattern, and because I think it’s something other people might come up against (at least I hope I’m not the only one to not get this), round 31 does not include an skp decrease! What actually happens is sk2p, which is slip stitch, k2tog, pass the slip stitch over the k2tog. After redoing the round twice and constantly coming up with 4 extra stitches, I went on a mad hunt and found my answer in a Ravelry forum posting. Now, to undo the round again…