WIPs: Socks, Shawls, and Sweaters, Oh my!

The puckering in the middle is finally going away!

My projects finally seem to be moving forward, despite a few hiccups along the way this week. The big project is going a bit slower. The  sweater is nearing 7 inches long, which is about the halfway point of the body. However, finding the time and motivation to sit down to simple stockinette is proving more challenging than I anticipated.

I don’t mind mindless knitting. In fact, I quite enjoy it usually. I can watch TV, go to the cinema, and even ride in a car without worrying about getting carsick. I like not having to always look at the needles. I think it’s just the lack of challenge. I know, though, that once I’m past the body part, I will be challenged, which is what keeps pushing me forward. I’ve never done sleeves or a collar before; this is all new to me. Stockinette around and around for thousands of stitches, I know that very well.

That is why I’ve been turning more and more to my other week projects. The socks are coming along splendidly. I’ve reached the heel part of the sock, which is my favorite part. I like a gusset heel especially, as wraps kind of freak me out. I’m working on that, though.

The one thing I wish the Springgrass pattern was more like is a real sock pattern. It’s not. It’s a lace pattern repeat that’s to go on a sock. I kind of feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark. At least this isn’t my first toe-up sock. I know theoretically what to do. I think if it was a full sock pattern, I’d know a bit better where I can add stitches to make the sock better fit me, too. Oh, well. If they don’t fit me in the end, I know exactly who to give them to.

Thursdays are typically medium-sized project days for me. For the past couple of weeks, I focused only on my Kool-Aid cowl throughout the week, not minding the schedule I set up. Now that it’s orangey loveliness (I am absolutely mad about the color) is complete, I can go back to my week:

Monday: Socks

Tuesday: Large project (aka the sweater right now)

Wednesday: Socks

Thursday: Medium project

Friday: Socks

Saturday and Sunday: Quick knits, gifts, random items

For my medium size project, I’m working on a shawl, which is actually a rather large project. I’ve decided to practice the Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood before I devote time and energy on it for my mom. It’s an absolutely gorgeous pattern, but I’m worried having never done proper lace. By working on it in my spare yarn, I think I’ll get a chance to make my mistakes and get the hang of it without the pressure of giving it to mom for her birthday.

I love the yellow of pollen!

I’m using my Malabrigo yarn in pollen for this project. I’ve gotten it started, but I’ve got a long way to go yet. We’ll see. If I hate it by the end, at least I’ve not spent all this time on mom’s present and hating it.

I’m also anxiously awaiting a package from KnitPicks! I’ve ordered size 10 circ. needles tips (the interchangeable kind), 10 skeins of Comfy Worsted Yarn in Seraphim, and a Knitting Yarn Ball Winder. The last item was in part to push my order the little bit extra to get free shipping (which I only went over by a few dollars afterward) and in part me being sick of winding balls of yarn. I’m also tired of the ball I’m working with running halfway across the room while I’m trying to work with the yarn. This will let me make them center-pull, which is endlessly appealing, especially after the ball of pollen took off across the room and dragged the knitting right off my needles last night.

Hexipuffs: 9 of 500

Socks: 5 (and counting!) of 52

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    • Yes, I got the $20 one. A shop near me had an electric one for $100 or so, but having never used a winder before, I didn’t want to invest that kind of money. So far, I like the hand-winder. I like the control I get with it, but I’m still getting used to actually using it.

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