Busy Weekend

Needles and yarn ready to get started on the sweater

This weekend felt crazy busy, but I got a lot done! On Saturday siblings teamed up to coordinate getting a new radio put in dad’s car, then I tagged along with my husband to bowling for a couple of hours. I’m really not into bowling, so I brought my knitting along and steadily worked at my stitches, occasionally getting picked on by my husband’s friends.

This whole weekend also kind of put into perspective what other people think about knitters. One comment my husband’s friends liked to repeat was how someday my husband will be on TV bowling for the championship and in the back will be his wife, not paying attention but knitting away. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t like to bowl. However, I’m not disconnected while I knit, like so many people think. If anything, I’m even more acutely aware of what’s going on because I’ve got my fidgeting under control.

The real perspective, though, was when we went to see the movie This Means War, starring my favorite Tom Hardy as well as Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon. Reese’s friend in the movie mentioned how she didn’t want Reese’s character to get stuck all alone with a hundred cats and knitting her ass off all alone. It’s like knitting is associated only with spinsterhood and is only for the miserable who can’t find a partner.

I love knitting. It keeps me busy, keeps me still and meditative when I’m freaking out, and keeps me creative. I also absolutely love my husband. Miserable and lonely? I don’t think so.

Anyway, through with the soap box. On to the fun stuff!

Kool-Aid cowl is officially off the needles. After nearly 15,000 stitches, it’s finally done! Well, sort of. It needs a good blocking, but I’m still working out how to do that. There’s a twist in it, which I like but which is also causing the whole thing to roll up. I’ll be doing research over the next couple of days to find tricks to flatten it out a bit. If anyone has any suggestions, though, send them my way!

After blocking, I’ll be ready to dye the sucker with Kool-Aid! I’m really excited about this part!

I also received a really amazing surprise on my doorstep on Friday, to go back a little. My KnitPicks interchangeable needles greeted me as I arrived home from work! They’re size 5 and 6 for the husband’s sweater.

I’ve always been curious about interchangeable needles, and the sweater seemed like a great excuse to buy a couple and try them out. I did think about getting the full set initially but opted out in the end.  I wasn’t quite ready to invest a lot of money in the full set, at least a lot of money for me. I figure, if I love them, I’ll think about a set and just have an extra 5 and 6, which there are definitely worse things.

This all comes together to mean, I’m starting my first sweater this week! I’m feeling completely nervous, anxious, and excited. I’ll be doing the last measurements and calculations tonight and possibly casting on today or tomorrow. That’ll give me enough time to get it started and going before we head down to Houston next week for the Texas State Historical Association conference.

Hexipuffs: 6 of 500

Socks: 5 of 52

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  1. You sound so much like me! It’s my father who makes fun of my knitting though. He called me the other day to see what I was doing, and kind of snarkily said “what are you doing, knitting?” And of course I replied yes, because I had the day off and I sure as heck wasn’t going to clean my house, and he kind of chuckled. He doesn’t seem to understand that it can be a source of extra income for me as well as a hobby (I have an Etsy shop). And I sooooo agree that it keeps me super focused and able to think clearly. Love it! 🙂

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