FO and WIP: Socks and the Kool-Aid Cowl

Kool-Aid Cowl WIP

Last night I did it! I finished my blue, toe-up cotton socks! They’re oh-so cozy and comfy, and I’m completely hooked. Something about hand-knit socks is so much more wonderful than regular socks.

After I cast the socks off last night, I resumed work on my Kool-Aid Cowl. It has about an inch, maybe a little less, of k2 p2 ribbing, and then the rest is  stockinette. I’ve got it on size 8 circular needles. It’s very basic, but in the end, it’s really the color not the complexity that I’m hoping will shine.

Either a “feature” or a “flaw”, whichever way you want to look at it, it is twisted. I was so irritated when I realized a couple inches in that the stitches had been twisted! We were at the bowling alley (my husband bowls in a league), and I had to make a decision right then. Feature or flaw? I decided I wasn’t in the mood to rip the whole thing out. Besides, husband would be bowling for two more hours, and I hate casting on in public. A little bit of time on Ravelry then showed me that plenty of cowl patterns featured a twist, so I began to feel better about it.

I think a few more solid hours of plain stockinette and I will be done with the base of the cowl. Then, cast-off and on to dyeing! I may do some more research on the Kool-Aid dye technique and maybe make some tiny swatches to test the color out on first to make sure I know what I want and how to get it. I’m really excited, though!

Also, while working on the cowl, I started envisioning a design! I’m not entirely sure how to get it from my head to paper and then to knit, but we’ll see. I searched on Ravelry and didn’t find anything like what I was envisioning, so I may have accidentally dreamed something up that’s fairly new. We’ll see! I guess it’s off to gauge swatches in my spare time to test out my ideas.

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