Three Socks and Counting


The lovely/flawed Selbu mittens to which I wish to match the hat.

I have officially completed three socks! I am well on my way toward achieving my goal of 52 socks in 2012.

Part of the resolution, though, was that I wasn’t going to knit just socks, as much as I’m really starting to like them. I want to keep moving forward and keep trying new projects. So, I’ve decided it’s time to pick a non-sock project!

The question is what? I could start up the sweater I promised my husband. I could start the beautiful Selbu hat to match my flawed but pride worthy Selbu mittens. I could try a different hat. I could start the bearded toque I promised my little brother. I could start the fingerless gloves I’ve been eyeing. Help!

I think I need to sit down and prioritize my projects. I walk to work, so warmth is key as it is (very) slowly getting chillier out there. I’ve made a cowl and mittens, but I could use a new hat. I love my bamboo hat, but it’s a plant fiber and doesn’t hold heat as well as, say, wool.

That’s something of my fiber education that I can attribute to the Knit Picks podcast. In one of the earlier episodes, Kelley Petkun spoke about different fibers and how they work with knitting. It’s so fascinating! I’m really getting into this, so if anyone knows of any fiber classes, let me know! I need some more education.

I think that’s it for now. I’m going to prioritize that list today and firmly decide what’s on my needles next. I don’t do multiple projects very well, so I have to focus.